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Kuralai Shadenova

"Companion" Original Gouache Painting

"Companion" Original Gouache Painting

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Inspired by one of the traditional sayings in my home country (Kazakhstan) - "Aieldin 40 jany bar" (direct translation: The woman has 40 lives). The meaning is that a woman should have a strong spirit no matter what life throws at her. At first glance, it puts extra pressure on the delicate nature of a woman, yet taking commitment and responsibility gives her a strong involvement and influence in every aspect of the family institution. As a woman myself, I perceive this saying as a woman's ability to juggle many roles. This is the true art of being such a versatile person. The hero of this collection - the Lady Rabbit - is that woman who does it all: from being a high professional to a caring person.

Original artwork. Gouache on watercolor paper, comes without the frame. 

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